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+150,000 jobs in October 2023 US labor market

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October 2023 witnessed the addition of 150,000 jobs in the US labor market!

Topping the ranking is the Healthcare and Social Assistance sector, contributing 77,000 jobs, with almost half of them going into ambulatory healthcare. The pandemic left its mark on the market, as many in this sector quit their jobs at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, November 2021 marked a turning point, and since then, the market has been in recovery.

Securing the second spot is the government sector, with a growth of 51,000 jobs.

On the flip side, the Manufacturing sector decreased by 35,000 jobs, primarily due to a strike aimed at improving workers’ conditions.

In the Transportation and Warehousing sector, a decrease of 12,000 jobs occurred, an industry where finding another job once lost can be quite challenging.

The pandemic significantly impacted the employment sector, and the labor market is recovering step by step. Some sectors might be more affected than others, but it is also a result of the constantly evolving market and economic conditions.

Source: Jesse Pound, 2023 “Here’s where the jobs are for October 2023 — in one chart”,, November, 3rd 2023,