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3.8 Mn Workers by 2033: The Growth of US Manufacturing

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This month, the Manufacturing Institute announced that US Manufacturers may need to hire up to 3.8 million new workers by 2033, aligning to a trend of growth in the country.

From the first quarter of 2019 to the second quarter of 2023, the number of Manufacturing establishments in the U.S. grew by over 11%, reaching a total of 393.000. Clearly, the US Manufacturing sector is experiencing significant, positive changes.

Key findings from the report of the Manufacturing Institute include:

  • Technical roles are in high demand, particularly maintenance technicians, semiconductor-processing technicians, and electronics and electromechanical assemblers;
  • Technical roles often require higher education. While certifications can be beneficial for upskilling, a formal education provides deeper knowledge and technical expertise;
  • Offering competitive benefits can help retain Talent. Factors such as flexible work arrangements (including remote work options) and accessible childcare can make a significant difference;
  • Continual upskilling of employees is essential for well-rounded skill development and improved performance;
  • To address the employment gap, companies are partnering with various organizations.

The Manufacturing sector in the US is poised for continued growth. For this reason, it will be essential to lead correct actions in order to impulse this great trend.

Source: Kate Magill, 2024 “Manufacturing could be short 1.9M workers if the talent gap isn’t fixed”,, April, 17th 2024,

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