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How Employees are Seeking Opportunities Abroad?

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As the global job market continues to expand, an increasing number of employees are seeking for opportunities abroad. Recent surveys reveal that 23% of job seekers are actively pursuing employment overseas, while 63% are open to working internationally.

Here are the Key Motivations for seeking jobs abroad:

  • Financial and Economic Reasons: 64%
  • Career Development: 56%
  • Better Quality of Life: 55%

Top 3 countries chosen:

  1. Australia
  2. United States
  3. Canada

Top 3 cities chosen:

  1. London
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Dubai

Job seekers looking to move abroad have specific expectations from their potential employers:

  • Housing assistance: 79%
  • Relocation support: 69%
  • Visa and work permit assistance: 98%

Governments play a crucial role in facilitating the smooth transition of employees relocating abroad, particularly by managing the legal and administrative aspects of immigration. This support is essential for ensuring that employees can relocate without undue stress or complications.

The desire for improved living conditions motivates many employees to pursue international opportunities, integrating their professional aspirations with personal goals. Relocating for work is a significant decision, but with appropriate support from employers and governments, it can result in fulfilling careers and enriched personal lives.

Source: Dexter Tilo, 2024 “Where are the top destinations for global jobseekers?”,, May, 16th 2024,

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