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AI at Work: which sectors use it the most?

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The adoption of AI tools such as ChatGPT has seen a significant surge from January 2023 to January 2024, jumping from 27% to 62%. This doubling of usage within a year highlights the growing reliance on AI tools among professionals, who now use it more confidently at work.

Breaking down the demographics, 66% of men and 57% of women are now actively using AI tools. Interestingly, both Generation Z (66%) and Generation X (57%) are leveraging Generative AI, showcasing its widespread acceptance across different age groups.

The sector-wise distribution of AI at work reveals the following rankings:

  • Marketing: 77%;
  • Consulting: 71%;
  • Advertising: 67%;

Conversely, the Insurance sector exhibits the lowest adoption, with 33% of professionals using Generative AI on a regular basis.

These findings emphasize the integration of AI tools as more than just utilities — they are becoming integral members of professional teams.

Whether assisting in generating content, answering queries, or engaging in conversations, Generative AI contributes significantly to enhanced productivity in the workplace, capable of handling multiple tasks simultaneously. The ongoing advancements in AI continue to showcase its versatility and utility in saving time and automating processes.

Source: Carolyn Crist, 2024 “ChatGPT usage at work has more than doubled in a year”,, January, 31st 2024,

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