Keep your eyes open: the right Talent can be found anywhere!

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The labor market is evolving, mirroring our changing consumption habits. According to a report by Rebecca Moody in March 2023, “the average American spends 7 hours looking at a screen each day.” This increased screen time opens up more opportunities to discover the right Talent through various channels, given the easier access to information.

Social media emerges as a valuable tool for identifying amazing Talents. Platforms provide insights into candidates’ work and offer a glimpse into their personalities, ensuring a seamless fit with your company’s culture. Different social networks can be utilized based on the specific skills you are seeking, ranging from LinkedIn to TikTok!

Despite the digital landscape, meeting a candidate in person remains a preferred method. Whether encountered at a forum, event, or within your existing network, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that your next best Talent has been nearby all along.

Hiring is a continuous process, and your next exceptional hire could be just around the corner, wherever you may be.

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