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Prioritizing Mental Health: Well-Being in the Workplace in 2023

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According to Forbes, employee well-being is the most crucial criterion in the workplace in 2023.

Whether we observe the new generations or more experienced workers, physical and mental health has become a priority for many employees across all ages. In addition to just having a job, people are increasingly seeking comfort and a role that allows them to meet their needs while also achieving a work-life balance. Forbes highlights the top three HR trends in 2023 that underscore this reality in the workplace:

1. Employee Well-Being Is a Human Imperative.

Work-related stress can accumulate and directly impact an employee’s mental health and productivity. To address this issue, many companies are taking steps to support their workers. The recent Surgeon General report on Mental Health and Well-being reveals that “81% of workers state they will seek workplaces that prioritize mental health in the future”.

2. Skills-Based Hiring Is On the Rise, as Companies Recruit for Potential Rather Than Degrees.

Recent research by Remote shows that “skills-based hiring has increased by 63% in the past year as more employers value experience over academic qualifications”. It’s noteworthy that soft skills are gaining prominence over hard skills, making the talent pool more diverse. Companies are increasingly offering equal opportunities for those with or without a Bachelor’s Degree for the same positions, emphasizing the importance of fitting into the company’s culture.

3. The Future of Work Is Flexibility for All Employees.

What if an employee’s efficiency isn’t tied to specific working hours, but rather to the results they deliver? Trust is the key. Trusting employees that their work will be completed, and they will achieve their goals regardless of their working hours, is what defines flexibility.

As we journey through time, we realize that our needs are evolving. We’re not only seeking to fulfill our basic needs but also to lead a more comfortable life. A life that enables the perfect balance between personal and professional needs.

This is why it is important that companies keep an eye on HR trends and on the needs that their employees express. Aligning with people’s values, expectations and requests in terms of work-life balance and well-being is what could play a key role in Talent Acquisition and Talent Retention in the near future. After all, shouldn’t companies commit to granting their employees more job – and life – satisfaction?

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