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Secrets and Opportunities of Skill-Based Talent Acquisition

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18% of companies experienced short-term gains after eliminating degree requirements.

Transitioning from degree requirements to skill-based hiring poses a significant challenge but yields substantial success. Indeed, after adopting these changes, 37% of companies adjusted their hiring practices, increasing the proportion of non-degree workers by approximately 20%.

Beyond the procedural shift, it demands creativity in assessing talent skills. Here are crucial factors for ensuring successful skill-based Talent Acquisition:

  1. Integration: Emphasize career pathing and internal mobility to foster growth and development within the organization. Clear career paths and advancement opportunities boost employee engagement and retention. Leveraging internal mobility ensures smoother transitions and enhances productivity by aligning roles with employees who understand the company’s culture and processes;
  2. Diversity: Strengthen DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiatives to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Implement strategies such as unconscious bias training, diverse hiring panels, and employee resource groups to provide equal opportunities. A diverse environment attracts talent from various backgrounds, fostering innovation and creativity through diverse perspectives;
  3. Efficiency: Prioritize finding the right candidate over filling vacancies quickly. A thorough hiring process reduces turnover and enhances role success. Focus on a candidate’s potential and cultural fit through comprehensive interviews and assessments to ensure long-term satisfaction and performance;
  4. Innovation: Disrupt traditional Talent Acquisition methods by exploring innovative ways to assess skills. Use skills-based assessments, job simulations, and gamified testing for accurate candidate evaluations. Continually refining the hiring process keeps companies competitive in the talent market, attracting the best candidates.

45% of companies plan to emphasize skills-based Talent Acquisition, acknowledging that success requires vision and creativity beyond procedural changes.

Source: Michele McGovern, 2024 “Skills-Based Hiring Failed Fast: 5 Reasons & Solutions”,, June, 27th 2024,

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