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Talent Retention: a Concern and a Challenge for US Companies

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Talent Retention is one of the main concerns and challenges for a company.

The survey conducted by WTW across 595 US organizations provides valuable insights into the main expectations of Talents and sheds light on the areas that organizations should focus on:

Health & Well-being

  • Health Benefits (76%): The emphasis on health benefits reflects the growing importance individuals place on their well-being. In a time where health concerns are prevalent, addressing these needs is a top priority.
  • Mental Health Support (56%): Mental health is gaining recognition as a critical component of overall well-being, and organizations are acknowledging the need for support in this area.

Competitive Factors

  • Competition for Talent (80%): The competitive landscape for skilled professionals underscores the importance of attracting and retaining top Talent.
  • Rising Costs (67%): The impact of economic factors and increasing costs further accentuates the challenges companies face in providing competitive benefits.

These findings highlight the dual focus on health-related benefits and the competitive factors influencing Talent Retention. Recognizing that each company has unique challenges and needs, soliciting feedback directly from employees becomes instrumental in tailoring benefits programs to meet specific expectations and enhance Talent Retention strategies.

Source: NASDAQ, WTW, 2023 “Infographic: U.S. employers look to enhance benefits to attract and retain talent”, July, 7th 2023,