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The alliance between Pharma and Digitalization

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Tomorrow you may have a treatment customised just for you!

What if no treatment is available for your disease? It might be the case today, but what about tomorrow?

Technology has been showing up more and more into the pharmaceutical industry for years. It started with optimizing the collection of data to better manage the supply chain, but now, thanks to the gathered data, researchers are working on developing customised medicine in order to treat and prevent illness.

Nowadays, data is a source of wealthness. Thanks to all the information collected and the cocktail between the pharmaceutical industry and Artificial Intelligence, researchers are bringing the medical sector to an upper lever. AI is now indispensable in all stages for pharmaceutical businesses, from research to production and supply chain. It is even more noticeable since 2022, when more collaboration between pharmaceutical and AI companies have created alliances for greater technology development in this sector.

Nevertheless, the real challenge for them is to find the right balance between data collection, data security and confidentiality of patients’ information. A melting pot that does not scare the giants within the sector. The art of managing it is actually one of their keys to success: how to integrate digitalization in pharmaceutical companies? Bearing in mind that the goal is to keep a step ahead and find appropriate solutions for patients, users, medical professionals and developers, ethics represent the crucial challenge that companies are dealing with, and will face more and more in the coming years.

As for now, we do not know for sure what the future holds. We cannot predict how treatment customization is going to be handled, nor what impact this will have on society and economy – but we can certainly say that the echo of this innovative research field is going to last for long.

Source: Trends and estimates for the pharmaceutical industry in 2023, World Pharma Today.