The Tech Industry Today: Top Positions Need by the Market

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The Tech Industry currently boasts a remarkably low unemployment rate of just 2.8%. This sector continues to expand alongside the increasing need for talent.

Among the active job openings, here are the top five positions demanded by the market:

1. Network Support Specialists: 86%

2. IT Support Specialists: 73%

3. Network and Systems Administrators: 55%

4. Web and UI/UX Designers: 51%

5. Database Administrators: 48%

To address this demand, employers are exploring new methods to meet the needs of talent. This includes initiatives such as training, apprenticeships, and other models. Many of the required skills can be learned, making investment in the upskilling of current talent a priority.

In addition to hard skills like AI (which accounts for 11% of tech postings) and IT, soft skills such as leadership and customer service are also highly sought after.

The Tech Industry presents numerous opportunities for talent development and upskilling.

Source: Carolyn Crist, 2024 “Unemployment rate for tech industry is under 3%”,, May, 8th 2024,

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