Usa and Uk Flags Together in London

The US, the UK and The Atlantic Declaration

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16.3% represents the weight of the US in the UK’s trade partner balance, securing the top spot for the US on the podium of the UK’s trade partners.

The dynamics of various aspects, especially relationships with countries, have been reshaped by Brexit. The UK and the US have always shared a privileged relationship, but now they’ve marked a special chapter in their history by signing not just a trade deal, but a truly unique agreement.

Beyond trade, they’ve addressed economic, technological, and commercial aspects, covering areas such as investments and technology (e.g.: AI, 5G/6G, etc.). Additionally, they’ve implemented the Data bridge to facilitate transfers between organizations in the US and UK during trading.

Setting indispensable terms for upcoming projects, the UK produces critical minerals, which the US will require for their electric vehicles. This mutual interest not only fulfills their individual projects, but also fosters collaboration. More than a trade deal, this agreement is designed to move forward together, safeguarding the interests of both nations.

Source: Jimena Sotelo, 2023 “International trade: What you need to know this month”,, June, 23rd, 2023.