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Understanding the High-Level Economic Dialogue (HLED) between Mexico and the US

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Established in 2013, the High-Level Economic Dialogue (HLED) is the result of the commitment and cooperation between the US and Mexico to design strategies and priorities for their economic and commercial development.

The main directions are:

– Fostering economic development and growth: For instance, a key focus is making the trade of medical devices easier by adhering to international standards.

– Promoting job creation: Providing significant support to small farmers and enterprises to improve their quality of life through increased earnings.

– Enhancing competitiveness: Collaborating on advancing technology and other areas such as cybersecurity and technologies.

Reducing poverty and inequality: Investing in people to develop their skills and decrease discrimination by providing better economic opportunities for women, youth, indigenous persons, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

This agreement evolves over the years according to the challenges they face or the objectives they aim to achieve.

Source: Office of the United States Trade Representative, 2023 “FACT SHEET: U.S.-Mexico High-Level Economic Dialogue Mid-Year Review”,, April 2023,