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Showing Gratitude for Motivation and Productivity

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Show gratitude as a productivity booster!

Expressing appreciation and recognition is essential for maintaining employee motivation and boosting productivity. According to a survey, 37% of employees stated that receiving personal recognition can directly and positively impact their productivity.

Here are some tips on how to show gratitude:

  • Daily gratitude: Start the day by sharing breakfast together, fostering relationships among team members. It is a gesture that sets a positive tone for the day and demonstrates appreciation for their work.
  • Wall of gratitude: Create a wall where everyone can write appreciation notes on post-it pads. Encourage expressions of gratitude at all levels of the hierarchy, breaking away from traditional top-down communication.
  • Organize events: Plan events outside the office to provide an opportunity for team members to connect on a personal level, stepping away from their professional roles and spending quality time together. This could also be a way of increasing Talent Retention.

Gratitude does not have to flow only from top to bottom; it can be expressed horizontally and transversally. Demonstrating gratitude to one another is crucial for acknowledging good work, keeping employees motivated, and ultimately increasing productivity.

After all, we are humans before workers, and gratitude, care, affiliation and affection are fully part of our ways of experiencing the world. The workplace is just another setting where these factors might – and should – come into play.

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