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Unemployment in the US: record-breaking insights from January, 2024

January 2024 unemployment rate has challenged all the economists’ forecasts! January has always been a tricky month to forecast the labor market. Indeed, coming right after the end of year festivities, many have employed seasonal workers. Moreover, being the end of the year, companies were tightening their budget.January marked the 24th consecutive month with an…

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Talent Retention: a Concern and a Challenge for US Companies

Talent Retention is one of the main concerns and challenges for a company. The survey conducted by WTW across 595 US organizations provides valuable insights into the main expectations of Talents and sheds light on the areas that organizations should focus on: Health & Well-being Competitive Factors These findings highlight the dual focus on health-related…

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How Jobs Creation, Retail Sales & Entertainment restored Balance in the US Market

2023 marked a year of restoring equilibrium in the market after grappling with global inflation, which also impacted the US. As we reflect on the conclusion of 2023, here are some key observations: The optimistic results of 2023 provide a promising outlook for the year ahead in 2024. Source: Gabriel Cortés, 2024 “The 2023 U.S.…

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Planning Future

“Global business culture is always saying that if you can dream it, you can do it
when you have the right people and ideas.”

“What global business culture is not saying is that being
right is not enough if it is just a thought.
If you can dream it, you will not necessarily do it.
But if you share it, you are already doing something beyond dreaming.”

“But what if it is not the right thing to do?”

“The right thing does not exist.
There is only what is suitable for you in the moment you decide to step up.
You just have to find it out.”