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Communicating the Hiring Process: how to Optimize Talent Acquisition & Communication

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How to optimize your hiring process?

Talent Acquisition is a two-way street, involving both the Candidate and the Recruiter. Finding the right fit for the company’s culture can be challenging, and candidates may feel demotivated by a lengthy and complex recruitment process.
According to recent HR Consultancy studies, 70% of applicants are likely to withdraw or contemplate withdrawing from the hiring process due to insufficient communication from a prospective employer.

Here are some tips to optimize the hiring process:

  1. Precise Job Descriptions: Ensure that job descriptions are accurate and realistic by seeking feedback from managers and future co-workers. This helps bridging the gap between expectations and the reality of daily tasks.
  2. Diverse Talent Pool Resources: Embrace diversity to enrich the workplace. Demonstrating a commitment to equity and inclusion through diverse talent sourcing is not only beneficial for the company but also attracts a wider range of candidates.
  3. Prompt Feedback for Candidates: Long processes can demotivate candidates. Maintain a clear timeline and communicate effectively to keep candidates engaged and motivated throughout the process.
  4. Inclusive Screening Procedure: Ensure equity at every stage of the hiring process. Inclusion should be a core value reflected in all aspects to align with the company’s culture. An inclusive process fosters a diverse and supportive work environment.

Continuous improvement is key, and it is crucial that the hiring process and its communication keep motivated talents engaged while remaining aligned with the company’s culture fit.

Source: Brian Bingaman, 2024 “Supercharge Your Hiring: 4 Talent Acquisition Tactics”,, March, 8th 2024,

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